Ozark Series

Ozark Series

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  • IM7 Graphite
  • 304 Stainless, Semi-Micro Duraloc Guides
  • Woven Graphite Inlay for Added Strength
  • Polymer Grip to Maximize Comfort and Grip
  • Skeleton Reel Seats for Increased Sensitivity

Ozark Lakes

The lakes of the Ozarks region of the country presents some of the nation’s greatest bass fisheries, and with highly educated fish, lakes like Table Rock, Lake Of The Ozarks and Beaver Lake demand high-level performance. To this end, Denali Rods tapped into the knowledge and expertise of top local stick and Bass Pro Tour professional Jeremy Lawyer for the purpose of developing a set of technique-specific rods to get the job done on any Ozark lake, any time of the year. This experienced insight led to the Denali AttaX Ozarks Rod collection.

Ozark Collection

AC683M- Jerkbait. 6’8” Medium: The season often starts in the Ozarks with a jerkbait in your hand and this rod will get your season started right.  It features a light tip for easy casting of the even the lightest stickbaits.  It transitions into a moderate action down the length of the rod, providing you a good balance of enough backbone to easily twitch your bait to load perfectly when you need to load up.  It works great in conjunction with 10lb or 2lb line for easy all day casting.

AC765F-A-rigs. 7’6” Extra Heavy: Not planning for the a-rig bite is often missing out on big fish or finishing down the leaderboard. This 7’6” meat stick lets you sling 3-wire or 5-wire rigs with any number of blades. It can be used with 60lb+ braided line or 20lb+ fluorocarbon and conquer the explosive strikes from deep lunkers.

AC723M- Rk Crawler, Warts, Flat sides and Frittsides 7’2” Medium Heavy Crankbaits: Rk Crawlers and Wiggle Warts dominate the Spring cranking in the Ozarks. This rod delivers long casting action of these light baits allowing them to dive to maximum depths. The rod features a moderate action to load properly and fight even skin hooked fish into the net.  Also, a great choice to use for the surge in flat side baits.

AC763M-Rk Crawler and Wiggle Warts. 7’6” Medium Heavy Crankbait: The ultimate Rk Crawler and Wart rod.  The 7’6” length allows you to make the longest possible casts and achieve maximum dive depths on every cast. The rod has the perfect action for grinding rocks from pea gravel to ledge rock.  No matter if it is a spot, brownie or big black, once they bite you have the superb rod to fight any surge and make sure they end up in the boat.

AC703F-Spinnerbait. 7’ Med-Heavy: As the Spring weather warms and rains put some color in the water, blade season kicks off.  This versatile rod can throw any blade combination from 1/4oz to 3/4oz and give you the backbone to wrestle any
greenfish out of the wood or over a dock cable.   The 7’ length and medium heavy action allow you to make long casts on windy points or cast in close quarters around boat docks.

AC733XF-Dock Skipping rod. 7’3” Med-Heavy Extra Fast:  Docks can always play a role in a winning tournament strategy in the Ozarks, no matter the season.  The Ozark Series features two rods for ultimate dock success. Skipping between floats and under cables with a jig is key to catching those fish hidden in the darkest parts of a dock.  This rod has the tip action to allow great skipping and the power to get them out when you set the hook.

AC734XF-Dock Skipping, Pitching rod. 7’3” Heavy Extra Fast: Pitching rod. The second rod for your dock skipping and pitching success.  A great choice for 1/2 oz 5/8oz jigs, creature baits and magnum shaky heads.  Also, great for football heads or c-rigs offshore in the summer.  This 7’3” version features a bit more backbone for bigger baits and heavier lines when you are all sharp dock corners and rusty cables.

AC744F-Ploppers and Buzzbaits. 7’4 Medium Heavy that is ready for the Fall topwater bite. Fall means big gizzards on the rocks and topwaters can take you to the top. This medium heavy action is stiff enough to throw 1/2oz buzzbaits and 130 size Ploppers. Once you get that explosion, the backbone of this rod takes over and makes sure you won’t lose them behind a dock or over a cable.

Meet The Ozark Pro

Jeremy Lawyer

Denali MLF Pro Jeremy Lawyer has a lifetime of experience fishing in theOzarks. He knows the baits, techniques and rods an angler needs to be successful in theOzarksregion and the new AttaxOzarkSeries from Denali has all of the rods you need for this region of the country. Eight rods make up this series and all are reasonably priced at $129.99. The first two rods in the series are perfect for early season jerkbaits and A-rigs. Transition into spring cranking with two perfect rods for Warts and RkCrawlers. Next, cash in with a great spinner bait rod to round out your Spring. Summer transitions to big worms and flipping boat docks with two great rod actions. Finish your season strong with a dock skipping rod and a great rod for Ploppers and buzzbaits. The DenaliOzarksAttax Series will have you ready for every season.