Best Rods for Throwing a RkCrawler with Jeremy Lawyer

There are many techniques that can be effective in the spring, but one of the most successful techniques is throwing a crankbait on rocky banks. This technique is especially effective when dealt with dirty water and/or windy conditions.

One of the best crankbaits that performs well around rocky banks is a SPRO RkCrawler. This bait is offered in 4 sizes: the 50, the dd 50, the md 55, and the standard 55. When it comes to cranking, it is crucial to have the correct setup to maximize the ability to not only get bites but to also maximize the chance of getting the fish in the boat. There are very specific details that make a crankbait rod different from other rods. One of these main differences is that crankbait rods have more of a moderate action which makes them more parabolic, whereas rods used for worms, jigs, swimbaits, and flipping/pitching are more of a fast action allowing for better hooksets. The main benefits of having a parabolic action when cranking is (1) to prevent the angler from pulling the hooks out of the fish’s mouth when it bites or while fighting the fish, and (2) to make longer casts or short accurate casts.

Denali has a very extensive selection of crankbait rods in the Attax, Kovert, and Lithium Pro Series all depending on angler needs and preferences based on what situations they are dealt with out on the water. For example, if an angler is looking to make short accurate casts with a crankbait, he or she can choose a crankbait rod as short as our Kovert 6-foot 10-inch medium power. If an angler is looking to make longer casts, he or she can choose a crankbait rod up to a 7-foot 6-inch medium heavy power, offered in the Attax, Kovert, or Lithium Pro Series. If he or she is using a heavier crankbait like a 6XD, 8XD, or 10XD, we offer up to a 7-foot 10-inch extra heavy power rod for that. For the sake of this blog however, we will limit the options up to a 7-foot 6-inch length for RkCrawlers.

Denali Fishing Pro Jeremy Lawyer has a lot of experience with throwing RkCrawlers, especially in the Ozark region where they are most popular. He is the winner of a 2019 MLF Pro Circuit event on Grand Lake and a 2018 MLF Toyota Series event at Lake of the Ozarks. His setup for throwing RkCrawlers is a Denali Lithium Pro 7-foot 6-inch medium heavy power crankbait rod paired with a 6:1 gear ratio reel spooled with 12-pound Sunline FC Sniper fluorocarbon line. Lawyer explains, “the 7-6 rod allows for longer, more productive casts and takes up a lot of line fast when setting the hook or playing the fish”. Try this setup for cranking next time you’re out on the water and check out the rest of our selection of Denali rods here.